Turkey with millet, carrots, apples, celery stalks, sunflower seed and basil

Pistou is the Provençal expression for “pesto“. The “petit chéri“ pesto consists of a fresh mixture of carrot, apple, celery, sunflower seed and basil. This provides the special note to the low-fat organic turkey meat and heart (both from the French Vendée). Millet has the highest content of minerals within all gluten free cereals. Your dog will lick its mouth!
Composition: Organic turkey meat 33 %, org. turkey heart 12 %, org. carrots 9 %, org. millet 7,5 %, org. apples 5 %, org. celery stalks 4 %, org. sun ower seed 1,2 %, org. colza oil, org. olive oil, cod liver oil, org. basil, org. eggshell powder, org. seaweed powder. With spring water from the Southern French Hautes-Alpes.   Additive: Trace element zinc sulfate 15,3 mg/kg
Analytical constituents: Protein: 10,2 %, fat content: 7,2 %, crude  bres: 0,5 %, crude ash: 1,0 %, moisture: 74,2 %, calcium: 0,14 % phosphorus: 0,11%, calories/100g: 122 kcal