Enjoying good food in the company of family and friends, preparing meals and looking for the best ingredients is in France ‘savoir-vivre’. With different regions and cuisines France offers a variety of excellent recipes and high quality ingredients. We seek high quality for ourselves, why not treat man’s best friend in this way? This is how our project was born: “petit chéri” – French Gourmet Cuisine for dogs, with ingredients in human grade quality and perfectly adapted to the nutritional requirements of your faithful companion.
Made in France.
“petit chéri’s” home is in Southern France in the Gulf of Saint Tropez. Nature is omnipresent here and inspires us: cork oak and pine trees on the hills of the Massif des Maures, small hidden beaches between the cliffs and a natural cuisine. Our partner is an organic butcher and manufacturer of preserved food, based in Southern France, too. Our production is “artisanal“ meaning manually produced, not industrially. We use high quality ingredients and produce on a small scale. The origin of the ingredients and the production can be traced in every step. The meat is 100 % French origin, the rest of the premium ingredients comes from France and Europe.