Chicken with buckwheat, sweet potatoes, pears, parsley and dill

Our organic chicken dish contains a balanced mix of chicken meat (with a little chicken skin for vitamin E) and chicken heart, coming from the French Vendée. Pears and sweet potato provide a sweet  flavour. “Fines Herbes“ (parsley and dill) together with buckwheat are perfect to complete this dish. The ingredients are assembled that the daily requirements of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are met.
Composition: Organic chicken 50,2 % (chicken meat 25,1 %, chicken heart 25,1 %), org. buckwheat 8,3 %, org. sweet potatoes 5 %, org. pears 5 %, org. colza oil, org. rice bran, org. olive oil, cod liver oil, org. parsley, org. dill, org. eggshell powder, org. seaweed powder. With spring water from the Southern French Hautes-Alpes. Additive: Trace element zinc sulfate 12,5 mg/kg
Analytical constituents: Protein: 10,5 %, fat content: 6,8 %, crude  bres: 0,3 %, crude ash: 1,2 %, moisture: 72,4 %, calcium: 0,18 %, phosphorus: 0,15 %, calories/100g: 124 kcal