Beef with buckwheat, courgette, tomatoes, herbs de Provence

“petit chéri“ adapted a typical Provençal recipe for the needs of your dog. The organic beef is from local production. The meat in the dish comes exclusively from cattle. We use premium quality meat like the shoulder, the leg disc, blade cap as well as heart, which is high-quality lean meat. Buckwheat is rich in minerals and provides fast energy for your little darling! Essential vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are supplied by tomatoes, courgette and “Herbes de Provence”.
Composition: Organic beef 47,5 % (beef heart 30,9 %, beef meat 16,6 %), org. courgette 13 %, org. buckwheat 8,8 %, org. tomatoes 8,3 %, org. colza oil, cod liver oil, org. olive oil, org. eggshell powder, org. dried herbs de Provence, org. seaweed powder. With spring water from the Southern French Hautes-Alpes. Additive:Trace element zinc sulfate 12,6 mg/kg
Analytical constituents: Protein: 10,3 %, fat content: 6,7 %, crude  bres: 0,4 %, crude ash: 1,1 %, moisture: 73,1 %, calcium: 0,19 % phosphorus: 0,14 %, calories/100g: 122 kcal