Dogs are good for us! Their absolute loyalty and love enrich our lives. Living with a dog has numerous health benefits. Therefore it’s natural that we want the best for our tailed buddies. A healthy, balanced diet is one of the key factors.
Inspired by the French Cuisine, petit chéri has developed organic gourmet recipes for dogs, labelled with the French “AB” (Agriculture Biologique) label.  Only premium natural ingredients in human grade quality are processed into organic wet food: Meat, gluten free cereals, vegetables, fruits, canola and olive oil, herbs, cod liver oil, eggshell and seaweed powder. The recipes are naturally balanced and contain all the nutrients for a dog’s daily need. The production takes place in Southern France and is done by an organic butcher and manufacturer of preserved food. It is “artisanale” meaning manually produced, not industrially. The meat, heart and liver are exclusively of French origin, coming from the Hautes-Alpes and the Vendée.